Duties of Employee

  1. Carry out their work in accordance with established safe work produce as required by regulation.
  2. Use or wear protective equipment, devices and clothing as required by the regulation.
  3. Not engaged in horseplay or similar conduct that many endanger themselves or other employees or any other person.
  4. Ensure that their ability to work without risk to their own health or safety or to the health of any other person, is not impaired by alcohol, drugs or other causes.
  5. Report to the supervisor or employers:
    • Any contravention of regulation or any other applicable order of which the employee is aware.
    • The absence of or defect in any protective equipment, device or clothing or the existence of any other hazard, that the employee consider is likely to endanger the employee or any other person.
  6. Cooperate with the health and safety committee (if any) safety officer (if any) safety supervisor (if any) or employees health and safety representative (if any) of the workplace.
  7. Cooperate with the officials of the Department of Labour and any other person carrying out a duty under this regulation.

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