Entry and exit Points for Foreign workers

Entry Process

  1. Enter through designated port of entry (PoE) as reflected in your approval order
  2. Produce the approval order of Department of Labor (DoL) along with original voter card/valid passport as reflected in the approval at the PoE
  3. Report to Workforce Management Center
  4. You will undergo through medical examination. Bank service, Telecom service etc… will also be provided. Work permit will be issued at Workforce Management Center.
  5. If you are found medically unfit, you will be repatriated immediately.
  6. If you are medically fit migration office will issue a work permit card.
  7. Your employers/transporter will reach at the designated worksites after obtaining work permit card.
  8. The employer/transporters will facilitate your stay.

Dos & Dont’s

  1. Respect and abide by all the relevant laws and rules and regulations of the country. Do not engage in any unauthorized the peace, security, sovereignty, socio-economic and political stability of the country.
  2. Respect local values, norms and culture of the country.
  3. Demonstrate exemplary behavior at all times that are congenial to decorum of the Bhutanese society.
  4. Do not Criticize the system of government and its policies and programs through speech or in writing while in the country.
  5. Always carry valid work permit card/ E-work permit during employment period in Bhutan.
  6. Wear the standard PPEs at worksite issued by the employers Do not Enter the work place without wearing proper PPEs.
  7. Do not violate the Occupational Health and Safety Standard.
  8. Always adhere to Occupational Health and Safety standards at work place.
  9. Be honest and sincere to your duty.
  10. Stay in the designated work place and abide by the specified occupation and employer reflected in the work permit. Do not work for unauthorized employer and workplace.
  11. Do not Disrespect the terms and conditions as reflected in the contract.
  12. Do not Leave the job and country without completing the exit formalities.
  13. If you have any grievances or accidents at your workplace report to DoL and Regional Offices, MoLHR

Exit Process

  1. Always exit through designated Port of Exit.
  2. Produce valid work permit/password/voter card at any immigration check point.
  3. Obtain necessary consent or clearance from the concern employer if applicable.

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